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The Empress
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   The focus of this card is on...
Feelings, emotions, self expression, socializing, or short and long distance trips.

You feel that you are discontented because something is missing or lacking in your life. You want to end something meaningful, creative or fulfilling to do with your life but don’t know what.
You are not saying what you really think or feel to those around you, this may involve a female friend or relative. Your relatives may be concerned with a sale or purchase of a property or home, there could be communication problems or delays in transactions.

You may also find that communicating with those around you may be a strain, as they seem not to understand what you are trying to put across to them. To rectify this, get your motivation and intentions clear and then take action to rectify any difficulties.
You long for love and affection and want to express you feelings and desires but cannot, you find you will be re‒examining your feeling for others and trying to sort these feelings out. There seems to be a need to create something more substantial in your relationship because something is missing or not right. For those who are single, you will meet someone and have an instant rapport, you will find this relationship will grow and strengthen. There may also be a flirtatious and exciting encounter with a stranger, this encounter may open up possibilities for an affair or relationship, depending on the decision you make.

If you are hoping that you will meet a friend or lover, unfortunately your wishes will be postponed or canceled, at least for now.

This relationship can be one of long term commitment. Within this relationship you could start a fancily as pregnancy birth or growth are linked with this card. You will be sensitive to each others needs and your physical relationship is quite absorbing. On the negative or challenge of this relationship, you may be feeling that you are stuck in a rut. If trying for a baby, may fail which is putting a strain on your relationship. Finances may be causing a cause strain as well or something that is beyond your immediate control may be the cause of tensions between you both.
Due to an overload of stress you may want to put off or delay business transactions and if this is possible, do so, because you may have problems due to lack of concentration, or confusion.

If you are waiting for finances, expect a short delay, although money is forthcoming. With papers and contracts, ensure that you read everything clearly, even the small print; you may need another’s input or advice.

You may have overlooked a letter or bill, this may cause upset or a delay, or a letter or message has been delayed or misplaced and that requires your attention.
Any stress or strain that you may be feeling will end shortly, you may feel unhappy about not being able to make things happen now, but if you relax and take time out you will find that in a short time, things will begin to run smoothly for you. You must use your instincts more, rather than your intellect and if you do, you will find that life will flow more easily for you.

To help yourself relax, you will find getting back to nature and it will do wonders for you, whether it be a holiday in the bush, a hike in the country or a walk in a park. Be more positive in your attitude and you will find that others will follow suit, life will improve with these positive changes you cultivate within yourself.

You may decide to give a gift to someone that you appreciate or who has helped you in someway, do so and they will be delighted and surprised at your generous nature. Otherwise you will be the one that receives a gift for your help or kindness.
You seem to be in need of a much needed rest or vacation, you will find if you take time out then you will benefit greatly. Outings in the country or getting back to nature will improve your constitution, you may also find that you will be more productive mentally and physically if you eat more natural and fresh foods.
Travel and work become interwoven, although you may also have some pleasure outings. You may also travel to look at properties to buy or you may be looking to purchase, or rent a new home.
You may be traveling around to find a new home, either to rent or buy, you may be thinking of buying a property or home in the country, as you feel you will find the peace and relaxation you are seeking there. This is a great idea as the outdoors and country living will soothe your soul.

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