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   Numerology 2017
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2017 Numerology Forecast - Universal Year 1

To calculate the 'Universal Year' number just add together the individual numbers of the year, as follow –

For 2017 add 2 + 1 + 7 = 10/1

Everything in numerology runs in a 9 year cycle and 2017 is the beginning year of a new nine year cycle and can be viewed as a peak year of change. A new cycle of experience begins – a year for new beginnings, new starts new ideas and new directions. A lot of what you do now determines your next nine years. Think seriously about changing old habits and improving your personal lifestyle. It is also a year for financial improvement and for dealing with real estate matters. It is a year to be positive, original and confident.

A Universal 1 year is a good year to free yourself of debt, to travel and to consider change of home and/or career. This is the year to have courage, and be decisive. Last year was a number nine year, which may have brought you some difficulties or sadness, but all of this had a purpose which will unfold over the next few years, so be totally positive about the changes and participate in them. This is your year to plant new seeds, remembering that they don't come up overnight. You will need to nurture and work on them until they mature over the next few years.

Make your resolution this year to be willing to change. It is a year to put fear aside and look to the future with courage. It is a time to take a chance with new ideas, provided they have been carefully worked over. Do so with strength of purpose. Your character, courage and ability to make decisions are tested in a number one year, so it is time to show a bit of form.

It could be a romantic year for you. If you don't have a partner, maybe it's time to bring one into your life. It is also a year for vitality, virility and creating a new life. To go anywhere in this world you have to take the first step yourself.

Humanitarianism should prevail in a 1 year, so hopefully there will be more tolerance and understanding of the less privileged and those who are different.

This is really a year for solo efforts, therefore new partnership decisions may be best left until next year. On the other hand, it is an appropriate time to share success with an existing partner and to feel new vitality in your relationship.

Number 1 and the Tarot

The number 1 is symbolized in the Tarot by The Magician. This card corresponds to the Greek god Hermes and the planet Mercury. Hermes was the guide of travellers, the ruler of magic and divination, and the guide of souls into the underworld. He was the messenger who communicated between the earth and the heavens, between man and god. The Magician stands for the inner guide who prompts us to develop and fulfil our potential. On a divinatory level the Magician points to potential skills and creative abilities, yet to be manifested.

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