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Search Results by: Meditation & relaxation
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What is meditation? (Part 1)
Meditation has been practised by many eastern countries fo..
What is meditation? (Part 2)
Your wants are things you desire, whether it is to keep up to the Joneses or the desire to better yo..
Why do we need to meditate? (Part 1)
In this day and age of fast living and stress related illnesses, we need to find something that will..
Why do we need to meditate? (Part 2)
We will become more motivated and alert in our work environment, as meditation promotes focus of the..
Overcoming Stress (Part 1)
In this day and age, our mental and physical states are constantly under the pressure of the life w..
Overcoming Stress (Part 2)
The following, is a simple exercise in meditation for the beginner, we recommend that if you wish t..
How to stay calm (Part 1)
Stress is popularly accepted in the Western world as the most common promoter of disease and illness..
How to stay calm (Part 2)
* First of all we want you to choose a word it may be your name, or love, peace or any other wor..
How to stay calm (Part 3)
Then begin to count to each breath, breathe in, (one),breathe out, breathe in (two), breathe out, do..
Simple exercises (Part 1)
Modern city living piles on the stress in every conceivable way, with the fast pace of living we all..
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