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Much can be learnt from our dreams. Here, we uncover the true meanings of your dreams. Each week, Universal Psychic Guild will interpret a select number of your dreams for free.

As only a certain number of free interpretations can be given, we recommend that you get an email dream interpretation for a guaranteed and personalised response.

Recent Dream Interpretations:
i have been married for 15 years and we have 2 teenage girls but last night I dreamed Of an Ex boyfriend who im still friends with we dont meet but we are still friends on facebook so we do still communiate he is also married and we havent been togher in 17 years but last night i dreamed i was at his fruneral but never saw him dead just a casket and his family and a pic of him but also a pic of a girl he doesnt know she was a girl i went to high school with that he and her has never met but her pic was the one as if she was his curennt wife and also there were pic of me and my family but not my children and husband but of my mom and dad and sister and brothers and me and pics of just me i also hugged his father and step mother they told me they were offred to sell some land to pay half of his fruneral i reamber this as plain as day what does this mean also i know from keeping in touch with him on facebook that his wife just had surgrey to remove the cancer from just week but it went well
Read the Interpretation - Answered by Matthew 214

My dreams keep including a horse i own even tho i do not own one with an injured back left leg. The dream is always different. This time I was at a party with my father who i do not know alot about. We then started running from the party with my horse. Even tho he was injured the horse would still run just fine. Then we took the horse to see a doctor and i would wake up. Its not always the same dream but there is always a horse. Once i see the horse i can start to control my dream but all i want to do is fix the horse. What does this mean?
Read the Interpretation - Answered by Kerry 050

I am at a party where I cannot enjoy myself because there are pink scorpions all over the place. They are biting at my achilles tendon and my feet. One gets stuck in my hair and I freak out. A potential friend of mine (I know her in real life but we are not super close yet) comes with cream rinse which she uses in my hair to get the scorpion out. I am relieved. I write down the word "Scorpio" during the dream because I seem to instinctively know that the scorpions are referring to this. In my natal chart, my moon and Pluto are both in Scorpio. Its energy seems to be at the forefront of my reality lately.
Read the Interpretation - Answered by Anne 102

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