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Dating Tips

Rewriting your relationship rules

There is no rule book on relationships, just traditions and customs for what is socially appropriate or acceptable. The thing is people are as unique as their fingerprints and not everyone fits into an existing relationship category. What type of relationship you involve yourself in is entirely up to you and if you aren’t the one size fits all type of person maybe it’s time to start thinking about writing your own relationship rules.

As long as you’re not breaking the law no one can tell you what romantic arrangement is right for you, but you. If you and your partner decide a traditional relationship doesn’t suit either of you don’t be afraid to step out of societal norms and make your own arrangement. It may be wise however, not to share the terms of your relationship with anyone else. People can be very judgmental especially when they aren’t fully aware of the reasoning behind a decision.

In life it is sometimes necessary to create your own path and do something no one has ever done before. The results may work out very well in your favor, but prepare yourself for the possible criticism that comes with stepping out of the boundary lines.

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