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Did you know that you can receive a card reading using a normal deck of playing cards?

In fact, during the 18th-20th centuries, playing card readings was the most widespread form of “fortune telling” card readings. More recently, the popularity of standard playing card readings has reduced with other cartomancy readings such as Tarot Card readings being now the most common type of card reading.

Now you too can experience the insight of a traditional Playing Card Reading.

How does it work?

Our skilled Cartomancy Readers (known as Cartomancers) have spent years learning and refining the art of how to read and interpret the playing cards.

Using a standard deck of playing cards to give you an insightful reading, your personal reader will shuffle the deck whilst meditating on your question or situation before laying the cards on the table in a specific order and pattern, known as a spread.

We have 3 different types of spreads available depending on your needs. If you have a specific question in mind or would like an overview reading for the month, choose the Overview Reading. Or for a reading on your love life, choose the Romantic Relationship Reading. The Greater Star Reading in an in-depth reading which is perfect for knowing what’s coming up ahead in your life.

What is in my email reading?

When you receive your reading to your inbox, it will contain your personal playing card reading. Your reader will explain the meaning of each card and relate it to your personal situation. Be sure to read your reading multiple times so that you don’t miss any important information.

We will never sell or share your personal details with anyone.
Your Privacy & Confidentiality Is Completely 100% Assured!

   How to Purchase an Email Playing Card Reading .:

Unfortunately, due to high demand, we don't currently take new cartomancy reading orders.

Email psychic readings by email are still available!

Terribly sorry about this.

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